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Paper recycling is great way to get into the recycling business.

Paper is divided up into types and grades and each of these have a different value.

Some grades are as follows:

Corrugated Cardboard: cardboard shipping boxes, sheet cardboard.

News print: non glossy newspapers, and flyers

magazines: glossy printed materials

Sorted office paper: general purpose non glossy office sorted by color.

White ledger: White printer and copier paper

White Envelope: White envelope paper with no plastic windows. ( This material is the most valuable)

Mixed: mixed unsorted clean printed and non printed scrap paper

All of the materials listed above have scrap values from $10.00 - $330.00 per ton.

Paper brokers like to receive this material baled if possible and it's worth more that way. However balers are expensive.

There are a growing number of paper recycling centers that will pay for this material check your local chamber of comerce to find a location near you.

Another great way that is recently gaining popularity is onsite document shreading.

This involves investing into a portable shreader and box truck or trailer to put the material into. large companies that generate al lot of sensitive paperwork that needs to be shredded will pay to have this material securely disposed of.

So in essence you get paid to shred the documents and then get paid for the recyclable paper thats left.

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