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Yard waste can be a variety of organic materials.

Tree trimming waste, grass clipings, garden organic waste, scrap fencing, field stone.

If you have large natural stones on your property some landscapers will actualy pay for this material to be used in retaining walls and landscaping.

Branches and waste wood can be recycled SEE WOOD RECYCLING

Scrap chainlink and metal fencing can be recycled for steel SEE STEEL AND COPPER RECYCLING

Grass clipings and organic garden waste are all materials that can be easily composted for fertilizer. This may not be very profitable unless you have a source that generates a lot of this material, and you have to have sufficient space to to do it.

There is a big movement in this country to use organic fertilizers and someone with intiative could make a lot of money selling natural compost.  

Here is a great e-book for starting your own worm farm and making some extra money doing it.